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Water fowl



Hunting wild ducks:Due to their favourable qualities, aquatic habitats in Hungary are considered to be real paradises amongst hunters who wish to hunt water fowl. The largest numbers of aquatic game birds that can be bagged belong to the anatidae family, of which mallards, Eurasian teals and common goldeneyes can be hunted, but only a maximum of eight birds can be bagged a day at any one hunt. In autumn, from the beginning of September, it is possible to shoot not only flying prey but also birds landing in the water. It is also possible to hunt coots during the day. At these hunts the help of our four-legged friends is invaluable in retrieving fowl fallen in the water. Hunting mallards that are bred and then released into post-breeding lakes is also popular, because in this case there is no limit as to how many ducks are bagged per hunter or per day.

Wild duck hunts at the end of August or September can be effectively combined with hunts for pheasants or other small game.

Hunting wild geese:In certain parts of Hungary it is also possible to hunt greater white-fronted geese or bean geese. Such exceptionally high quality hunting grounds are the River Tisza, the Dráva, the Danube, and larger reservoirs or fishing lakes such as Biharugra, Fehértó, Tata and Tisza Lake. Wild geese hunts occur at different times and use different methods to other wild duck hunts. Wild geese spend the night on the water, and at dawn, in the early hours of the morning they fly to their feeding grounds, to cornfields and other cereal fields. By observing their flight paths hunters can dig hides in the ground, in which they can wait for the birds to fly overhead. The success rate of the hunt can be increased if it occurs in foggy or misty weather, because then geese fly lower than usual. Regarding wild geese there is also a limit as to how many birds can be bagged. The limit allows for the bagging of four birds a day per hunt. Hunts are most successful from the end of November through December up until the middle of January. Similar to other small game, hunts for wild geese can also be combined with hunts for other species, which may be small or big game.

Hunting seasons:

Mallards, Eurasian teals, Eurasian coots:          1st September – 31st January

Common goldeneyes:                                      1st October - 31st January

Bean geese, greater white-fronted geese:         1st October – 31st January