Travel to Hungary with firearms
Import and export of hunting guns

1.Hunters from the EU:

A gun import licence is no longer needed. Hunting guns can be carried into Hungary with a European Firearms Pass. However, you will need an invitation letter, either from our company or from the owner of the hunting ground. At the border, it is no longer necessary to register your gun, you can simply cross the border. When arriving by plane, guns will be controlled by the customs authority.


2. Non-EU hunters:

When carrying hunting guns across the border into Hungary, you can apply for a gun import licence by presenting the invitation letter from our company or from the owner of the hunting ground, along with a declaration form and your valid gun licence issued in your home country. The fee for the gun import licence is 20 Euros. The gun import licence has to be left at the Hungarian border without warning! Gun import licences can only be obtained at the following border points: Nickelsdorf-Hegyeshalom and Liszt Ferenc Airport in Budapest.
Regulations: In order to hunt in Hungary, hunters must sign a hunting contract with hunt organizers officially registerd at the Hungarian Ministry of Economic Affairs. Furthermore, hunters should possess a hunting license and hunting insurance. Only hunters who have a valid hunter's permit from their home country are able to sign hunting contracts. If a hunter shoots a protected species, a fine will be levied according to pursuant regulations.

Veterinary examination at the border – travel with hunting trophies (trophies that are boiled and treated with hydrogen peroxide or have been prepared by taxidermists)


1. European Union.

In the EU, if transport of trophies is between EU member states, no veterinary inspection is needed at the border except in cases when there is an epidemic alert.


2. Transport of hunting trophies to non-EU countries (e.g.: Switzerland):

Please inquire about the valid regulations at the local authorities. Trophies and bagged animals may be exported from the country only when the following documents are presented to customs officers at the border upon leaving the EU: a paid invoice, a customs declaration, a trophy judging certificate and a veterinary certificate signed by an registered veterinarian. Hunters can be checked by customs officers within a certain distance of the border at any time. In this case, the hunter should present the following documents to the Hungarian customs officers: passport, invitation letter, valid Hungarian hunting permit, valid hunting permit from the hunter's home country and documents pertaining to the carrying of a firearm.
Since Hungary joined the EU on the 1st of May, 2004, the problem of custom duties and/or tax on trophies and mounts at the Austrian-Hungarian border no longer exists. Therefore, custom duties and tax on imported goods are no longer levied since transport takes place within the EU.


The order of hunting in Hungary

1. For a successful hunt, guest hunters have to follow the instructions of the professional hunter/hunting guide. Hunters may only shoot game which has been identified and confirmed shootable by the hunting guide

2. The trophy of a bagged animal is owned by the hunter. However, the hunter will have to pay for the meat and the skin if he wants to take those.

3. In cases where wounded game is found dead at a later time, at the final accounting the shooting price of the trophy will moderate with the fee paid for wounding.

4. In Hungary, each trophy must be presented to the official judging committee.

5. The judging committee of the country hunting inspectorate is authorised to declare trophies with higher international credit as national assets. In this case, the trophy will remain in the possession of the Hungarian State with the hunter paying only 25 % of the hunting fee and receiving a copy of the trophy.

6. When a hunter accidentally shoots a protected species, the nature conservation value of the animal will be included in the fine.

7. Hunters should accept 15 % tolerance by stating the trophy weight in contract. If the difference is bigger the hunter, the hunting ground and All Round Nature AG shall come to agreement.

8. The guest hunter must pay for all services and for all animals bagged which shall be registered on the shooting list and shall be acknowledged by the guest hunter and the leader of the hunt by signing.

9. All guest hunters are allowed to use his/her own gun on a hunt. A hunter's own gun should comply with Hungarian Hunting Regulations. (No automatic rifles or semi-automatic rifles are permitted).

10. Hunters must obtain hunter's insurance prior to the beginning of the hunt and every guest hunter must possess a valide Hungarian hunting licence.

11. Any unforeseen issues concerning the contract and supplementary material will be dealt with according the Hungarian Law.


What to bring when you come to Hungary to hunt?


  • Passport (ID card), European Firearms Pass (if available) or gun licenses/valid hunting permit from your home country. You must always have the Hungarian hunting licence with you as Hungarian authorities can make checks at any time.
  • Invitation letter from the hunt organizer and the hunting contract
  • Money (credit card, cash)
  • Any medicine you take regularly


Equipment list for big game hunting in Hungary


  • Rifle: The recommended minimum calibre for roebuck hunting is: .223 Rem.; 6.5 x 57; .243 Win. or similar, bullet weight from 3.2 gram to 9.1 gram (50 grains – 140 grains)

for bigger game: 7x64 (.280 Rem) with 10 gram bullets (about 155 grains)

  • Riflescope: High quality varia scopes are the best like: 2,5 – 10 x 50 or 3 – 12 x 56
  • Ammunition: about 20-40 rounds (for driven hunts more)
  • Binoculars: high quality binoculars with the magnification 10x42 – 8x56.
  • No need for spotting scopes
  • Backpack and a portable seat
  • Strong, waterproof shoes or boots
  • Shooting stick
  • Hunting knife
  • Headlamp, flashlight
  • Neutral coloured clothing (green, brown)
  • Cap or hat
  • Insect repellant