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Mouflon hunting

Mouflon hunt in Hungary in Bakony Mountains

Mouflon hunt in Hungary in Bakony Mountains

As owner, the Hungarian State expects the company to implement nature-friendly and sustainable silviculture in the area under its management, to professionally manage areas and sites under natural conservation and to fully satisfy the permanently increasing social demand for using forests for social wealth and public purposes. The work conducted by the Forestry and Forest-Product Private Corporation is managed, co-ordinated, and controlled by the head office located in Pápa. Medium- and long-term strategic tasks are determined in the head office in harmony with the relevant legal regulations and the ever changing social expectations. The centre of the private corporation represents all legal matters. The three most important lines of business are silviculture, hunting and game management and wood processing. These activities overlap and are built on the top of one another both vertically and horizontally. Commercial activities and services are also rendered in connection with those lines. One of the key strengths of Forestry is the long-established organizational structure that enables optimum utilization of local opportunities. In the operational domain of the Company there are nine forestries working in the traditional structure with the following headquarters: Balatonfüred, Bakonybél, Bakonyszentlászló, Devecser, Farkasgyepu, Keszthely, Monostorapáti, Ugod and Pápa. The company management believes a forestry controlling an area of 7000 hectares on average is the most optimal unit as it is the easiest to organize and operate and is capable of making the most of local knowledge, the vast experiences accumulated in a long period as well as the opportunities presenting themselves from permanence.



The company's lands are typically rich in big game; there is a wide selection of programs to bag red deer, roe, deer and mouflon and to hunt wild boar. Winter-time still hunting, sledge hunting and DIY activities always prove to be especially cheerful. The quality of the mouflon trophies hunted on our lands is especially high. The free-range wild boar drives, which also raised the interest of the famous Hungarian hunter, Count Zsigmond Széchenyi, are of high quality. He recalled his experiences in Ugod of the 7 Januay 1940 in his famous book titled 'High Days' (Ünnepnapok). About 3.500 big game are brought down in our forests. The company is consciously reducing the number of game in its areas, focusing simultaneously on the aspects of high quality game husbandry.



The hunting lodges are in Balatonfüred, Bakonybél, Bakonyszentlászló, Devecser, Farkasgyepu, Keszthely, Monostorapáti, Ugod and Pápa. There are double rooms with bathroom and teracce. It is also possible to use the dining room and the big living room.


Doble room with breakfast: 40 – 60 Euro 


Lunch                         20 Euro / person

Dinner                        20 Euro / person




Horn lenght (cm)

















For wounded mouflon: 50% of the account estimated by professional hunter.


Harvesting female:     50 €



Hungarian hunting card: 60 € / person

Organization fee: 200 € / hunter

Trophy reading fee: 50 € / piece

Invidual companion: 25 € / person / day


Using of cars, transport on the hunting area

Jeep 1 € / km

Transfer from / to the airport: it depends of the number of hunters